Fortieth Annual Institute

Fortieth Annual Institute

Chapter 1; Barry H. Hartman and Andrew M. Wright
Congressional Investigations in the Energy Sector

Chapter 2: Karina M. Conley and Erin E. Magee
Weed in the Workplace: The Impact of Medical and Recreational Marijuana on Energy Employers

Chapter 3: Kevin Colisimo
Beyond the Beltway: The Model Rules of Professional Conduct Come Alive

Chapter 4: Elizabeth A. McClanahan and Laura E. Wilson
State Supreme Court Update: Decisions Affecting the Energy Industry Sectors in the Appalachian Basin July 2017 to Present

Chapter 5: Adam Eckman
The Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act and the Endangered Species Act: Challenges and Potential Implications

Chapte 6: Shane Harvey, Christopher Hunter and Jim McGibbon
SMCRA and the “Not Started” Provision

Chapter 7: Kevin Abbott and Amy M. Kerlin
Certification of Royalty Claims Under Oil and Gas Leases as Class Actions

Chapter 8: Michael R. Pincus
The Eastern U.S. Pipeline Siting Controversies

Chapter 9: Blaine Lucas and Jennifer L. Malik
Where’s the Line? Local Government Regulation of Oil and Gas Operations

Chapter 10: Patrick McQuiggan, Tracy Miskofsky, Orla Lavender, Ray Lovejoy and Jeff Wilson
The Modern Title Opinion in Appalachia: Format, Trends, and What Happens After It Goes to the Client?

Chapter 11: Travis Brannon, Thomas Ryan and Emily Weiss
Considerations for What Your Lease Doesn’t Say: An Update on Implied Covenants in the Appalachian Basin

Chapter 12: Mark (Buzz) Belleville
Net Metering Compensation in Coal Country: How Much is a Solar-Generated Electron Worth in Appalachia?

Chapter 13: Keith B. Hall
Ethical Landmines for Landmen and Lawyers Who Work As or Hire Landmen

Chapter 14: Sean Cassidy
Boundaries and Property Descriptions: Where Do You Draw the Line?

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