President's Message


Welcome to the Energy and Mineral Law Foundation, a 501(c)(3) educational foundation, whose vision since its inception has been to foster the study of energy, mineral and natural resources law through Continuing Legal Education and support of its member law schools and law students.   

As we head into our 40th year, we begin a new chapter in the Foundation. After more than 30 years of fearlessly leading the Foundation, our executive director, Sharon Daniels, informed us of her intent to retire on June 30, 2018.   

Your Executive Committee quickly went to work on ensuring a smooth transition and finding the right executive director for EMLF’s next chapter.  A special thank you to Brian Wells for leading the Search Committee and to all those that served on it.  

It is now my privilege to introduce Anna Girard Fletcher who will join EMLF on July 9, 2018, as our new executive director. 

Ms. Fletcher joins EMLF after spending seven years as a staff attorney in the Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet. While working at the Cabinet, she volunteered with the Conference of Government Mining Attorneys, serving as the national chair in 2015 and most recently serving as the secretary of the Conference and participating on the Executive Committee that is responsible for coordinating CLE training. Ms. Fletcher has a Bachelor of Arts and a Juris Doctorate from the University of Kentucky.  

Once Ms. Fletcher gets settled into the role, our first order of business will be to form a Strategic Planning Committee and begin work on a three to five year strategic plan.   We will be working to form a committee that not only understands and values the Foundation’s history but also one that can help us look to the future and ensure the long-term viability of the Foundation.  

As a member of this Foundation for over 15 years, I’ve spent my entire professional career working with and beside the members of this Foundation.  

One of my favorite things about EMLF is the collegiality of its members and our ability to come together in the name of this Foundation and leave our legal “disagreements” at the door.  Many of you have given me profession advice, legal counsel and supported my advancement to the role of president of EMLF.  Thank you! 

I hope to serve EMLF’s members in a way that maintains and encourages the collegiality among our membership and allows us to execute on our vision with excellence.

Natalie N. Jefferis
President, EMLF
EQT Production Company
Pittsburgh, PA