Staff Directory

The Energy & Mineral Law Foundation is governed by a board comprised of permanent trustees designated by EMLF Governing Member Organizations, Trustees at Large, and all Past Presidents of the Foundation. The Officers, Members of the Executive Committee and Trustees at Large are elected annually.

Honorary Trustees

  • John H. Armstrong
  • Bruce A. Americus
  • James A. Bibby, III
  • Cameron S. Bell
  • Timothy M. Biddle
  • Steven M. Carpenter
  • Rex Burford
  • Edward P. Clair
  • R. Eberley Davis
  • James H. Davis, III*
  • C. William Fechtig
  • W. Blaine Early
  • Vaughn R. Groves
  • John H. Henderson
  • Stephen M. Hopta
  • Scott L. Kreutzer
  • Larry W. George
  • John A. Macleod
  • Elizabeth A. McClanahan
  • Ronald E. Meisburg
  • Bruce D. Reed
  • Veryl N. Meyers
  • Kendrick R. Riggs
  • William Roy Rice*
  • Richard D. Rivers
  • Justin W. Ross
  • Brooks M. Smith
  • Robert F. Stauffer
  • David H. Thomason
  • Donald C. Supcoe
  • John R. Woodrum
  • Robert C. Williams
  • Arthur J. Wright
  • Donald H. Vish
  • Minturn T. Wright
  • Marvin O. Young

Trustees at Large

Governing Member Bar Associations and Designated Trustees

Governing Member Law Schools and Designated Trustees

Governing Member Trade-Industry Organizations and Designated Trustees

Past Presidents

Honorary Trustees