Thirtieth Annual Institute

Thirtieth Annual Institute

Hilton Head, South Carolina - May 2009

Chapter 1: Chet M. Thompson and Jessica A. Hall
Greenhouse Gas Regulation Under the Clean Air Act in 2009 and Beyond

Chapter 2: W. Blaine Early, III
Property Rights in a Sustainable World: More than Minerals and Surface

Chapter 3: Bruce E. Cryder and R. Clay Larkin
Consent Provisions in Natural Resources Agreements

Chapter 4: Gregory J. Ossi, Marina E. Burton, Rebeca H. Ormsbee and David R. Warner
Spiraling Costs and Crashing Markets ?-- Who Will Be Left Holding the (Empty) Bag for Depleted Pensions and Unfunded Health Care Liabilities?

Chapter 5: Robert M. Stonestreet
Force Majeure for Sure? Contractual Coal Supply Obligations in a Changing World

Chapter 6: Timothy J. Hagerty and Emily C. McKinney
The Clean Water Act Two-Step: The Back-and-Forth Challenges to the Corps of Engineers' Permitting Authority Under the Clean Water Act

Chapter 7: Robert G. McLusky and Blair M. Gardner
Selenium Issues in the Coal Industry

Chapter 8: Daniel L. Wolff
Mine Accident Reporting Obligations and MSHA Enforcement

Chapter 9: F. Thomas Rubenstein and Heather A. Blandford
"Flagrant" Violations Under the Mine Act: What's A Little More Ambiguity Among Friends?

Chapter 10: Mark E. Heath and Timothy D. Houston
Increased Enforcement and Higher Penalties Under the MINER Act: Do They Improve Worker Safety?

Chapter 11: Bruce M. Kramer
Coastal Oil & Gas Corp. v. Garza Energy Trust: Some New Paradigms for the Rule of Capture and Implied Covenant Jurisprudence

Chapter 12: Sean Cassidy
Division of Royalties -- Who Gets What?

Chapter 13: Joel E. Symonds and Natalie N. Jefferis
Thinking Horizontally in a Vertical World: Practical Considerations for Practitioners Advising Clients on Horizontal Development in the Marcellus and Big Sandy Fields

Chapter 14: Russell L. Schetroma
General Reflections Upon the Evolving Eastern Oil & Gas Lease

Chapter 15: R. Timothy Weston
Water Supply and Wastewater Challenges in Marcellus Shale Development